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More than a health care organization...

at Kaiser Permanente, we see ourselves as a health advocacy organization. We are here to help you get the most out of your journey toward total health—a journey that is different for every single person we encounter.

When we talk about total health, we're definitely talking about quitting smoking, eating healthier, and exercising more. But it's more than that. Total health isn't just about action. It's about understanding the physical, mental, environmental, and intangible reasons that motivate the decisions underlying your actions, and supporting you in making positive choices.

Getting Healthy Together

As your proactive partner in health, we don't just tell you to eat healthier and exercise more, we make it easier to make those decisions by offering hundreds of healthy recipes online, holding farmers' markets at many of our facilities, and offering wellness classes like yoga and meditation for members, employees, and their surrounding communities. We don't just tell you to quit smoking; we offer community classes, support groups, and counseling to help you get there. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Get Up--Get Moving

Each year, we make it our mission to spread health in and beyond our walls. We do this through community outreach, event sponsorship, innovative design and technology, research, employee associations, and sheer passion. In fact, the National Business Group on Health consistently ranks Kaiser Permanente a Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles, year after year. Talk about proof in the low-fat, organic pudding!

Stepping Up to Total Health

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In 2012, we invested $69.5 million in grants and donations in support of our Community Health Initiatives. We also supported 1,823 community organizations across the United States.

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